“Please read this book and ask yourself one simple question – did I
ever grow up? As I read Nick’s latest work of art, I found myself
realizing that I did some of these immature and child like things in my
management career. Actually, I’m ashamed to admit it. Thanks Nick
for a wonderful book – another compulsory reference book for
managers who are honest enough to admit they have yet to grow up.
As I read it I could not help thinking of Gandhi’s immortal words: ‘You
must be the change you wish to see in the world.’”
-- Trevor Gay, UK management and leadership trainer, speaker, and

“Once again Nick has produced an engaging, concise, and actionable
offering of essential workplace advice, and this time for all of us.
Another winner by the author of Lead Well and Prosper. A must read
for everyone who works.”
-- Jim Stroup, author of Managing Leadership is Fine

“It’s true - Acting up DOES bring everyone down. Nick McCormick
offers tips to nip this behavior in the bud and get on with the job at
-- Wayne Turmel, president Greatwebmeetings.com and host of the
“Cranky Middle Manager Show”

"Nick McCormick's ability to link damaging workplace behaviors to
their childish origins helps us plainly see how destructive these can
be to our organization, team, and our own career. Each chapter
details the anatomy of a particular behavior and includes great dialog
sketches, which are Nick's trademark. This book gets to the point
quickly using examples we can all relate to and then
coaches/mentors the reader with pointed check lists of do's and
-- Susan Stamm, author of 42 Rules of Employee Engagement,
president of
The TEAM Approach

"With a laser focus, Nick McCormick has illuminated some of the
most dysfunctional behaviors in the workplace, behaviors that
damage productivity and personal relationships.  You owe it to
yourself to read this book and take the action McCormick suggests."
-- Jack Hayhow, author of The Wisdom of the Flying Pig and founder
Opus Communications

"Managers establish the tone and set the bar for excellence - or they
Acting Up Brings Everyone Down offers managers practical
suggestions for building strong habits that will garner respect and
catalyze results."
-- Lisa Haneberg, leadership expert, motivational speaker, and author
of twelve books for managers and leaders.

"The book looks at how behaviour in the workplace often mimics
behaviour you’d more likely expect to see in a children’s playground,
and basically tells us to grow up.  Start taking responsibility for what
you do at work and how you do it, and leave all the playground tactics
behind...This is the kind of thing that you need your mentor to tell you,
because no one else will own up to the fact this type of behaviour
goes on...The book is a call for an end to hidden agendas, but it’s also
a request for you to up your game...If we all took McCormick’s advice,
offices would be a friendlier, less political space. And businesses
would be doing better."
--Elizabeth Harrin, Director, The Otobos Group

"Nick McCormick has given us a great gift in this humorous and
practical look at childish behavior in the workplace. He is creating a
safe space for us to create a healthier workplace culture for
ourselves. Consider reading it as a team at your firm. Discuss one
chapter at a time at your weekly planning meeting. Laugh together.
Discuss creative alternatives without pointing fingers. You’ll have a
great time learning to work together more constructively, more
humanly, and more productively."
--Karl Edwards, Principal, Bold Enterprises

"This book will serve as a great wake-up call to anyone who goes to
work each day. There’s a big difference between an adult who
approaches the world with childlike wonder and the one who still
lives each day with childish behavior…I recommend you buy a few
copies for your workplace."
--Tim Milburn, Director of Campus Life, Northwest Nazarene University

"Until I read Acting up Brings Everyone Down, I never thought about
how similar children's behavior is to the workplace behavior of
managers and their employees. Fortunately Nick McCormick did. Nick
calls on Joe and Wanda, the hero and heroin of his last book Lead
Well and Prosper, to help illustrate the type of workplace behavior
that sucks the life out of morale and stifles productivity… I like the
fact that Nick not only schools employees but managers as well. This
is a great method for each side to catch a glimpse into the other's
world. While this is clearly a business book with succinct business
lessons, I do believe there is a bonus for the reader who is also a
parent: the opportunity to sneak up on your subconscious with
parenting wisdom."
--David Rothacker, Rothacker Reviews

"The book is a short read, but is packed with wit, irony and useful
workplace tips... When I began reviewing “Acting Up Brings Everyone
Down,” I couldn't help but think back to my days in the corporate
world.  The irony was inescapable.  Nick does a good job at finding
situations and anecdotes that breed a sense of relating…The tips are
also not to be overlooked.  Nick gives the reader no-nonsense help
without resorting to worn out motivational techniques… Maybe Acting
Up Brings Everyone Down will help us get back to some basics."
--Eric Pennington, Founder and Chief Idea Spreader, Epic Living, LLC

"Nick McCormick has written a gem of a book for managers and
leaders, and really for anyone who works with others!  It reminds me
of the best episodes of that popular TV show,
The Office.  It's a quick,
light, entertaining read, with great visuals, and a foundational
metaphor that everyone will instantly recognize.  Nick shows us how
office politics and the annoying things our co-workers do stem
directly from the playground antics of children.  You will recognize the
child in yourself, and you'll definitely get a new understanding of how
to lead those other children who work for you! A great gift for any new
or emerging leaders."  
Suzi Pomerantz, CEO, Executive Coach, and Author

"I’ve often said adults are little kids in bigger bodies. Nick takes this
idea and compares certain unhealthy and unhappy workplace
behavior to the behaviors of children. This makes it fun, and pointedly
profound… The whole book can be read in a very short time (only
about 90 easy reading pages), but the lessons will last far longer. I
highly recommend this gem!"

-- Kevin Eikenberry, professional speaker, author, and consultant,
What are People Saying About
Acting Up Brings Everyone Down?
Lead Well and Prosper
The Impacts of Childish
Behavior in the Workplace
by Nick McCormick
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Acting Up Brings Everyone Down
Acting Up Brings
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