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Lead Well and Prosper
15 Successful Strategies
for Becoming a Good
"Lead Well and Prosper
is a powerful little book
that can reap huge
rewards in your personal
and professional life.  I
especially enjoy Nick's
action plans!"
Combat Today's Management
Crisis With These Proven Tactics
Pat Croce, entrepreneur,
motivational speaker, and
New York Times best
selling author
Are you a manager?  Are you a good one?  If you are not sure, take the
quiz in Nick McCormick's book,
Lead Well and Prosper:  15 Successful
Strategies for Becoming a Good Manager.
 You might be surprised at
what you learn about yourself.

McCormick, a seasoned manager in the IT industry, concentrates on the
fundamentals, presenting them in an insightful, instructional, and
entertaining way.  The book is divided into 15 chapters--each covering a tip
for management success--and all begin with a real-life management
situation showing some of the common mistakes managers make.

As the author points out, most managers don't aspire to mediocrity;  they
just don't work on the right things.  This book not only shows them what
those "right things" are, but it offers practical, ready-to-execute actions and
solutions.  In this unique resource, you'll learn:

  • How effective it is to get "back to the basics" of managing
  • Why being a good manager is great
  • Straightforward strategies you can implement immediately
  • The dos and don'ts of management success.

With this easy-to-read, enthusiastic resource, you'll be on your way to
being a more effective and successful manager.

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