Book Reviews
Title: Hit the Ground Running: A Manual for New
Author: Jason Jennings
Stars: ***

Jason Jennings interviewed the top CEOs in the nation (criteria provided in
the introduction) to try to decipher the drivers that made them successful. He
distilled their responses into 10 major rules for hitting the ground running.
Some favorites of this reviewer are:

Rule 3 – Ask for Help
Rule 7 – Simplify Everything
Rule 10 - Be a Fish Out of Water

A different CEO is highlighted in each chapter. Jennings provides personal
and business background information with interesting anecdotes. Each
chapter also focuses on one of the rules.

It is interesting to hear those that have met with success explain how they  
achieved it. Granted, they may not always be correct in their assessments, but
it still makes for an interesting read, and the book does offer significant
learning opportunities.

Don't forget to take the quiz at the beginning of the book to see if you “have
what it takes” to hit the ground running. Then take it again after you read the
book. It’s a fun exercise.
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