Book Reviews
Title: The Dumbest Moments in Business History:
Useless Products, Ruinous Deals, Clueless Bosses,
and Other Signs of Unintelligent Life in the Workplace
Author: Adam Horowitz and the Editors of Business 2.0
Stars: **

On the surface this one seems like a laugh-out-loud romp. It falls a bit short of
that. There are a smattering of humorous anecdotes and quotes though –
ones that you’ll enjoy sharing with others. The book will also conjure up
memories of legendary scams from yesteryear. Remember Jim and Tammy
Faye Bakker? There are some lessons to be learned too – like, “Don’t be a

This is a good coffee table book, and one that can be enjoyed at the beach. It
is a light, quick, sarcastic read. If you enjoy puns, you’ll get more than your fill
with this one.
V  E  N  T  U  R  E  S  ,  L  L  C